Gede Austana aims to create art that has presence and a soul of its own, as tangible as the colours and lines used in the  image itself. His work re-evaluates the idea of the extraordinary and the undiscovered, honouring the traditional but also embracing the modern.

Heavily influenced by the methods of Balinese personality and art, Austana’s work also carries a subtle infusion of a refined grafitti-born street technique as well as contemplating the mathematical truths of geometry and form. Each piece delves into the unknowing self (perceived from angles of the “seen”) while walking a fine line of street level cool and untamed bite.

Working primarily in acrylic and oil paints, Austana also paints digitally with the same hand and heart as the more traditional methods. His subject matter varies, living within a spectrum of almost heroic fantasy to the unseen realities of the vulnerable, exploring notions of aspirational potential, divine form and poetic tragedy.

Quietly universal yet diverse in subject matter and idealogy, Austana’s images seem to capture a sometimes unexpected moment in time. They allude to a greater story beyond the confinement of space or understanding, while balancing an intimate connection with the viewer.